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Teca forest plantation by Reforesta Perú S.A.C in region San Martin.

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  • For each dollar invested, we generate 20 to 30 times that value, once the tree is grown.
  • Wood business in Peru is valued at five thousand million dollars annual by year 2025.
  • Economic return projected to 20 to 27% annual.

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“As well as being a private Company which designs and executes forest projects with social and environmental responsibility since year 2008, it is also a school for the training of young forest talents. In that sense, it bets on local talents and trains through education and internships. For the previously explained, Backus identified Reforesta Perú as an ideal ally for the execution of operations at Ecopark and for the generation of shared value, not only because its experience in this type of operations, but also for its alignment with values and compromise.”


Source: Book “Ecopark, generating opportunities, promoting the recovery of Amazon woods in Ucayali” (page 30), Backus Foundation.


Lima, 2015

Is a successful project of sustainable development, which allows to generate shared value by reusing brewer sub products produced at Cervecería San Juan S.A brewery plant, Pucallpa, Ucayali.


The objective of this project is the proper use of natural resources, by applying innovative technologies using good forest and environmental practices between settlers and companies at the zone.

In its plenitude, the ECOPARK expects to make local settlers and companies aware in favor of the recuperation of the Amazon forest. Particularly the reforestation project establishes itself as an efficient management model for environmental impacts, capable of generating sustainable development at local level.


The project considers three main aspects: a forest plant nursery with world class technology, an organic fertilizer plant which reuses 1,500 metric tons per year of brewer sub products for the production of organic fertilizer (compost) and a reforestation plan which has installed 275,528 trees in 248 hectares.



The 275,528 trees that stand at the Ecopark are species of high forest value, such as mahogany, cedar, teca, capirona, bolaina, pashaco, topa, pinus and eucaliyptus.

Its existence results in an excellent responsible social business practice, considering that woods capture carbon in the air and offer ecological balance to industrial processes of Group Backus, they assure biodiversity of our forest wealth and require capable care from forest technicians (35 work positions for young talents in Ucayali).


The ECOPARK by Backus Group is executed in strategic alliance with Reforesta Perú S.A.C and is a business model for forest plantations with social and environmental responsibility which allows the recovery of deteriorated land at the Peruvian Amazon and must be copied by other business initiatives.

Our Own Forest Plantations

We have our own forest plantations located in Pucallpa and Tarapoto, where one can see our forest plantations with non-transgenic seeds and clones, tangible sample of the application of our technological package.


We have forest plantations in:


– Pucallpa: Teca (Tectona grandis), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus urograndis y Eucalyptus gramcan), Pinus (Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis) and Capirona (Calycophyllum spruceanum).


– Tarapoto: Teca (Tectona grandis), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus urograndis) and Capirona (Calycophyllum spruceanum).

Real Estate Project of Urban Forest and Landscape Beauty in Lurin – Centenario Group

Developed in Lurin (district in south of Lima), this project designed for Promoción Inmobiliaria del Sur S.A. –PRINSUR, made development in desert value come true for the real estate, through the installation and maintenance of urban forestry, achieving urbanization with high quality of life for its residents and economic valorization of lands. This success gave prove of economic profitability in forest business and favorable range in responsible social, environmental and business management.


From its beginning in year 2010 until this date, we have installed 25,083 Caesalpinia spinosa (tara), eucalyptus and olive trees mainly.
However, an important factor in the sustainability of the project was reusing domestic waters treated by Sedapal for watering these forest plantations under technical trickle irrigation. Urbanizing uncultivated land in the coast was made possible thanks to the application of the most modern clean technologies worldwide.

Forest Plantations and Agroforestry – Cacao and Coffee Agricultural Cooperatives

Trough the execution of this project, located in region San Martin, 3200 producers of cacao and coffee, members of agricultural cooperatives ACOPAGRO and ORO VERDE benefit directly with training and technical assistance programs which complement reforestation of their lands since year 2009.


In strategic alliance with French partners Alter Eco / Pur Projet the development of sustainable forest business was encouraged, inside a frame of fair commerce, contributing with the improvement of the quality life of the small cacao and coffee producers. The cooperatives strengthen their commercial bonds with the international market of organic products and financed the production of 1´200,000 forest saplings per year, as well as training and technical assistance for the development of forest business with social base.

Executed Project of Science and Forest Technology

The project was executed by private company Reforesta Perú S.A.C in collaboration with the Peruvian Amazon´s Investigation Institute – San Martin, supervised and managed by the fund for innovation, science and technology and financed by Innóvate Perú –FIDECOM. Development of protocols for the production of clonal saplings for seven native Amazon wood species: mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), cedar (Cedrela odorata), tornillo (Cedrelinga catenaeformis), capirona (Calycophyllum spruceanum), marupa (Simarouba amara), estoraque (Myroxilon balsamum), quinilla (Manilkara bidentata) based on vegetative seed of plus trees in region San Martin, by an innovative biotechnology center in the country, allows to easily obtain clonal saplings, and at the same time consolidate a young trained team.


A synthesis of the biotechnology generated for the seven species is the identification and selection of plus trees in region San Martin, induction of plus trees regrowth, peg root (superior than 90%), acclimation and implementation of clonal gardens.

Executed Project of Technological Innovation

The project was executed in strategic alliance with the IICA/ Government of Finland/Backus Group/ Reforesta Perú S.A.C and a corporative approach oriented to the training of capacities and to the search of opportunities for the generation of shared value. Forest plantations create wealth, employments and improve quality of life of the countryside population. Located at the countryside property of Cervecería San Juan S.A., 13 km away from the city of Pucallpa, it main objective was to contribute to the competitive and sustainable development of forest plantations in the Peruvian Amazon by developing a forest technology package, validating environmental services and forming human capital for the recuperation of deteriorated lands (main bottlenecks for the development of forest plantations) their strategic guidelines are:


I.- Validation of 18 modern technologies which allow the recovery of deteriorated lands.

II.- Training of human talents, strengthening their abilities and knowledge of the main forest actors in region Ucayali.

III.- Development of abilities in design and structuration of carbon credits at volunteer market.

IV.- Promotion of gender equality.


The project was structured in three components as follows:


– Technological innovation.

– Environmental services.

– Generation and development of knowledge.




– The project has validated 18 efficient, modern and competitive technologies which can contribute to the development of forest plantations in the Peruvian Amazon as well as reducing the pressure over natural forests.

– The implementation of the project allowed the generation of forest models with potential for copy over deteriorated lands in other regions at the Amazon.

– The validated technological package of the project registered an average growth rate of 387% over the one reached with conventional technology applied at the zone.

– The growth curves of the trees developed in the project, evidence that the investment in forest plantations with innovative technology is a profitable business for the wood production.

– The development of young talents in Ucayali was a factor of success for the project.