Recognizing to companies that promote sustainability actions through the conservation and protection of forests in Peru

Recognizing to companies that promote sustainability actions through the conservation and protection of forests in Peru

In the first edition of Los Bóscares Perú business projects in favor of the country's forests have been recognized. For this recognition, public information from 169 companies with operations in the country was analyzed. Twenty companies were nominated as finalists in six categories (Forest Conservation, Zero Deforestation Supply Chains, Forests and Climate Change, Promotion of Sustainable Forest Management, Reforestation and Forest Restoration, and Sustainable Forest Enterprises).

Peru, December 13, 2021The associations Reforestamos México and AIDER carried out the first edition of Los Bóscares Peru, a project that promotes the conservation of forest ecosystems through the recognition of business practices that seek to maintain the country's forests. Los Bóscares is an initiative created in 2018 in Mexico by Reforestamos, and replicated for the first time in Colombia, Costa Rica and Perú, to recognize the efforts made by the private sector for the care of forests with the aim of motivating and inspiring other companies to play a proactive role in these issues.

In this first edition of Los Bóscares Peru, publicly available information from 169 companies in the country was analyzed, from which projects from 20 companies were selected and nominated in six categories. The initiatives of the finalist companies were evaluated by a jury made up of the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) and the civil associations AIDER and Reforestamos. It is worth mentioning that both MINAM and SERFOR did not participate in the selection of the winning companies in two categories (Forest Conservation and Zero Deforestation Supply Chains).

Among the nominated and winning companies, Reforesta Peru won in the following category:

Categoría: Promotion of Sustainable Forest Management.

Nominees Belcorp, Reforesta Perú y Softys.

Ganador: Reforesta Perú S.A.C., for its "Forest of Value" program through which it establishes commercial forestry plantations and develops projects that support Peru's carbon neutral balance in Ucayali and San Martín, through various alliances.

The awards ceremony was held virtually and was attended by people from different sectors of society interested in learning about the work being done by the companies to improve their relationship with Peru's forests.

Laurent Pacoud, representative in Peru of the French Development Agency (sponsoring agency of Los Bóscares Latin America), mentioned that "environmental problems are not the fault of a few, it is always everyone's responsibility and we need to join efforts and agendas between the private sector, public and civil society to try to solve them. Civil society can change consumption aspirations; governments can develop strategies and enabling frameworks; but it is the companies that develop their concrete visions to change their business plans and provide deforestation-free services and goods that contribute to conservation, restoration or sustainable forest management.

The executive director of the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (SERFOR), Levin Rojas, stressed the importance of these awards to raise awareness among companies, and also to reward the good actions they develop in forestry and environmental issues to contribute to the improvement of our ecosystems; forest and wildlife heritage in which water resources are captured and various activities are developed.

Diana del Águila, Director of Environmental Financing of the Ministry of the Environment, emphasized that "forests are of vital importance; they are an important source of flora and fauna and play a key role in the sustainable development of our country. There are more and more companies that consider forest protection as a very important part of their business models, environmentally conscious companies that are in tune with their public, not only for the quality of their products, but also for their values and respect for the raw materials they work with.

Ernesto Herrera, general director of Reforestamos Mexico, highlighted "we celebrate the work of the companies that carry out actions in favor of the forests in Peru and we celebrate the commitment of all of them to disseminate and share these experiences and advances with their different audiences, since the transparency of the information helps us to know the motivations and intentions of the private sector when developing this type of projects; knowing the private sector in a more empathetic way allows us to develop better alliances and design integral solutions to complex problems that threaten the security of our forests and their inhabitants".

Likewise, Jaime Nalvarte, executive director of AIDER, commented that "the partnership between the State, private companies and civil society supports and helps initiatives that benefit forests. Forests are not just trees, they are spaces where men and women live in community, living in harmony with the environment and its diversity, and ensuring that the forest remains a forest".

Los Bóscares Peru 2021 Awards Event:

Reforestamos Mexico is a non-profit civil association that seeks to ensure more and better forests to promote sustainable development. For more information, visit, or contact Maira Pamela Monroy


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