Our story

Reforesta Perú SAC is a private company specialized in high forestry and environmental technology founded in June 2008. The founder and current Managing Director of the company, Enrique Toledo, is a professional Forestry Engineer with more than 30 years of experience.

Toledo looks to provide forest plantation services with social and environmental responsibility for commercial and industrial purposes. The company currently executing projects in the San Martín, Ucayali, and south of Lima regions.


“Modern and competitive forest plantations are one of the best investment opportunities in the medium and long term. We generate high heritage values and contribute to improving the talent of young people and the conservation of the Amazon forest. “

Enrique Toledo
Managing Director of Reforesta Perú SAC


“The forest plantation executed by REFORESTA PERÚ SAC in the eco-park Project of the BACKUS GROUP in Pucallpa has a qualification of excellence granted of creativity and technological innovation, and also for the modern practices of ecologically responsible forestry.”

Manoel de Freitas
International Consultant of Brazil


We look for providing excellent and competitive services in sustainable agroforestry and forest plantations with environmental and social responsibility. Generate wealth through innovative services of financial, technological, and commercial nature.


We seek to be one of the leading companies in Peru specialized in forest plantations and agroforestry for commercial and environmental purposes, and a company socially responsible.

Professional team

Reforesta Perú SAC has a specialized team of forestry professionals, agronomists, economists and administrators with extensive experience in the forestry sector at a national and international level, who provide strategic and operational management at the service of our clients.

Forest Plantation of the Eco-park owned by the Backus Group and executed by Reforesta Perú SAC in the Ucayali Region, Peru.

Strategic partners