What do we offer?

We offer the opportunity of being an owner of a forest of value® through a turnkey contract.

An innovative and profitable business with specialized technologies, the best service to the customer and care of the environment.

  • Forest farms for commercial purposes. We plant, care and grow your trees.
  • We turn your trees into the wood.
  • We have the best genetic quality trees delivering a high rate of business profitability.
  • When the tree is ready to harvest, the value generated is 14 times higher for every dollar invested.
  • We contribute by capturing CO2 to mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • Economic revenue projected from 20 to 23% per year.

Reasons to invest in forest plantations

  • Generation of high equity values.
  • High demand for wood into national and international markets.
  • Integration of the forest plantation to a lumber industry with added value.
  • Excellent profit for you and your family.
  • We generate quality jobs on the global poverty map.

How does the business work?

We take care of the selection and purchase of the land which is registered in Public Records (SUNARP) in your name. We install and perform the maintenance of your Forest Plantations.

At the 8th year, when the harvest begins, we apply the German technology SERRA that consists of a portable sawmill with a high capacity and precision system for the wood processing for sale.

Main activities

1. Quality Study

We evaluate the conditions of soil, weather, relief, slope, and other land parameters; which allow to select the species that generate greater commercial value.

2. Forest Biotechnology Center

We work with the highest quality genetic material. We use non-transgenic clones which produce double of wood production compared to botanical seeds.

3. Land cleaning

We condition the soil with modern machinery to giving plants a better way to establish and develop. We recover the degraded soil of the Amazon and making it fertile and viable to forest crops.

4. Installation of Forest Seedlings

We have modern equipment for the installation of forest seedlings in the final field. We have a specialized human group applying the most modern techniques according to the conditions of the site.

5. Weed control and fertilization

We make sure to take care of the trees by giving them adequate nutrition as well as controlling weeds, pruning and thinning.

6. Maintenance of the plantation

We ensure the optimal conditions of the wood through a program of continuous monitoring, pruning, and annual fertilization.

7. Ecological certification

All forest plantations we carry out have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification that allows access to the international timber market.

8. Harvesting and sawing

It is done at the 8th, 12th, 16th or 20th years depending on the species. We use German sawmill technology that increases industrial performance up to 60% in the conversion of the trunk to sawn timber.

9. Industry

The wood from the forest plantations executed by us enters a chain of high added value (wood industry) to generate different products such as pallets, doors, structured floors, among others.

10. Marketing

We ensure to sell the processed wood in the best national and international markets generating high business profitability.

Meet our plantations

Carbon Credit

Our forestry projects also promote environmental responsibility in the climate change environment, through capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) in our trees. The trees contribute to the mitigation of the impacts of climate change. Our projects support Peru to have a carbon-neutral balance.

Land Location

The projects that Reforesta Perú SAC has been developing are in Ucayali and San Martin (Peru). Ucayali is the most important center for having a privileged location at 800km from Lima city, which allows a quick arrival to the main market of the country.

Also, the high temperatures and rainfall of the Peruvian Amazon allows high tree growth rates, in comparison with other countries.