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Enrique Toledo, a forestry engineer graduated from the Universidad Nacional Agraria la Molina, with more than 40 years of experience in Peru and internationally, started being a forester when he was 12 years old and studying high school in Iquitos, where he was fascinated by the Amazon forests. After a successful professional career in forestry and sustainable business he became an international consultant and specialized in world class forestry plantations, with the latest technology in genetics, biotechnology, silviculture, and value-added timber industry.

• Due to the high rate of deforestation of our Amazon forests, in 2008 he decided to create REFORESTA PERU S.A.C. with Olga Loyola and Manoel de Freitas with the strategic vision of being the best forestry company in Peru, based on principles and values, science and technology, the development of team talents and our vocation of service to our customers and local communities, investors and environmental stakeholders.

Producers trained
and qualified.
Trees planted
in Peru.
People with better
quality of life.


We carry out turnkey projects with the most modern world-class technologies.

We are recognized for our socially and environmentally responsible forestry services.

Forest Plantations

Ejecutamos proyectos basados en la genética, biotecnología y silvicultura para obtener maderas 100% legal y con certificación del FSC a nuestras plantaciones forestales. El inversionista es dueño de las tierras y de cientos de miles de árboles de especies nativas y exóticas.

Ecological Restoration

We execute restoration projects of degraded forest ecosystems and improve the landscape and quality of forests affected by cattle ranching, agriculture, illegal coca cultivation and illegal mining.


We design and execute agroforestry projects with thousands of small producers of cocoa/wood, coffee/wood, silvopastures (livestock/wood).


Research, development and innovation.


Merit to innovation.


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Calle Haya de la Torre, Parcela 5, Yarinacocha, Pucallpa, Ucayali.
Phone: (01)2536253
Mobile: (051)986647513
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